March 20, 2020

Bridal Suite and Wedding Day Prep | Photography

The morning of your wedding day is one you will never forget!  Excitement is running high, and all of your favorite girls have gathered together to celebrate your big day!  From matching robes and mimosas, to bridesmaid and sweet father-of-the-bride reveals, some of our favorite moments to photograph on a wedding day begin right away in the morning.

The bridal suite is one of our favorite places to begin a wedding day. Hair and makeup have begun, excitement is running high, and the details are all finally coming together!

We love it when the ladies are dressed in matching robes. They always make for the best photos as you get dolled up for the day.

Don’t just stop at the robes, why not add matching sandals, slippers or fur booties to cozy up on a gorgeous fall or winter day?!

When hair and makeup are complete, gather your girls to pop the champagne and toast to the best day ever!

It’s time to celebrate! The moment has finally arrived to put on your wedding dress!

Whether you have only your mom, your mom and a bridesmaid or two, or all of the ladies help you to put on your dress, this sweet, emotional, and candid moment is always amazing!

Don’t forget to include the details of your accessories, jewelry, shoes, or bouquet for that gorgeous bridal portrait.

One of our favorite moments of the morning is the bridesmaid reveal! The expressions captured are always priceless!

When the bride is ready, it’s time for the bridesmaids to put on their gorgeous gowns, their jewelry, and their shoes!

Bridesmaid reveal photos can be completed either before the bridesmaids put on their dresses, or after. If you have already captured the matching robes, the big reveal is stunning with the girls in their gorgeous gowns!

The morning is almost complete, and it’s time for final details. Touch up that lipstick, add one last spray with your perfume, or open up a gift or card from your groom. Reading his love letter before your first look is an amazing way to set the tone for the day!

Don’t forget to schedule in time for groom prep photos! These can be taken after your hair and makeup photos while the girls are in their robes and before you put on your dress.

Before the big moment of seeing your groom, it’s the perfect time to say I love you to the man who loved you first. You were his precious little girl and now you are the bride! Father-daughter reveals are often filled with tears and are moments that remind us of why we love what we do. Capturing true emotion is such an honor, and one of our favorite things about photographing weddings!