May 2, 2019

The Neu Neu Event Center | Spring Wedding

Laura and Jason share such a sweet story of how they met and fell in love! Sparks flew over dinner and the evening ended with an incredible first kiss! Their first date was followed by an ice skating date which lead to countless moments of laughter, then falling in love and realizing they were meant to be!

The romance continued throughout their wedding day with many sweet moments, tears, and endless joy-filled laughter! The day began with the men at the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis, followed by joining the ladies in the Neu Neu Event Center’s bridal suite. Laura’s details were amazing and we are completely in love with both of her wedding gowns, found at the Bridal Aisle Boutique, and her blush colored bridesmaid dresses from Azazie. We also loved Laura’s ring’s sweet inscribed message from her groom!

MAVEN provided gorgeous bouquets and Alison did an absolutely incredible job of coordinating the day with all of its events and details! The first look on the top of the Hewing Hotel was so sweet and we kicked things off shortly after with a few wedding party photos before heading over to Our Lady of Victory Chapel in St. Paul for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, we stopped at the Red Cow to reenact that first-date’s kiss before heading back to the Neu Neu Event Center for the reception. Perhaps one of our favorite parts of the reception, aside from the incredible food and desserts by Angel Food Bakery, and Laura’s sweet father-daughter song, was during speeches when Jason looked at his bride and said “Of all the moments in my life… today, seeing Laura come down the aisle was…” He paused, his hand over his mouth holding back tears, then concluded simply by saying, “Amazing.” It was all he could utter. And it was all he needed to say. The day was truly amazing!