April 25, 2019

Rome, Georgia | Adventures

We had the tremendous privilege of getting away for a few days at the CONNECT Marriage Retreat for Creative Professionals this spring!  Not only was this getaway a chance to refresh and recharge for the year ahead, we also learned from an incredible team of speakers and entrepreneurs and met some amazing new friends from all over the country!  The retreat took place at the beautiful Winshape Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia.  We fell in love the moment we set foot onto the grounds! Winshape is owned by Chick-fil-A and the grounds, surrounded by rolling hills, are beautiful and incredibly peaceful.  With Southern hospitality at its finest, we felt like royalty every time the doors were opened for us or we were served a meal with “my pleasure!” and a smile!

Zach and Jody Gray had the incredible vision for this event years ago and share: “CONNECT was laid on our hearts back in 2012 when we found ourselves having conversations with other couples about the difficulties and challenges of maintaining a healthy marriage and family life in the midst of working for yourself. We know how taxing and incredibly hard it can be on the marriage and family, whether one or both partners have their own business.”  They began what would soon grow to 40-50 couples gathering together to step away and reconnect as a couple, while learning practical tools on how to maintain and grow a thriving marriage, as well as to meet other couples who are in the same walk of life and understand the unique dynamic of working with a spouse.

We were incredibly blessed to meet some of the most amazing couples!  Christa took some beautiful photos for us and we met several amazing photographers from all over the U.S.  We even got to hang out with fellow photographers and videographers from Minnesota – some of whom we flew all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to meet!  We are so grateful and can’t wait to connect again!