I first noticed her as she pulled up to college in her Honda Accord on move-in day.  My roommate told me she was out of my league, but I thought I should give her a call anyway. I was an art major, and she was studying graphic design. We began dating and a few months later I got down on a knee in the chapel we would later get married in, and our love story began.

For our wedding gift, my parents bought us a Pentax 35mm film camera. Instantly, I was hooked. I started taking photos of everything, which turned into a hobby and soon became a rapidly growing business. Anna discovered her passion for editing and fell in love with the administrative side of our business.

Today, photography is our full-time adventure. I take the photos and Anna perfects them. We have worked with so many amazing people and are grateful for each experience! We are excited to continue pursuing our dream and can't wait to share more stories ahead!

How it all began

our story of


We are Shane & Anna, a husband and wife photography team completely in love with what we do! Scroll down to hear more about our story! 

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Recently, I have fallen in love with boating. Everything from walking down the dock in loafers and stepping into our runabout, to cruising through sky-blue waters, to basking in the summer sun, there is just something about it. Minnesota summers were made for the lakes. And the lakes were made for boating.


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recent trip

Mountains are my favorite and Anna craves the tropics so when you combine the two, it doesn't get any better. On our last visit to the Caribbean we were able to relax and swim, but my highlight was probably the zipline course. I'm naturally a risk-taker but Anna is not so listening to her shriek of terror turn to joy as she leapt off the platform the first time was the best moment ever.


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Sprinkles on top, whipped cream in the center, or with pieces of bacon soaked in maple frosting. Individually sized and decorated in splendor. Whether I'm buying one on my own or a dozen to share, donuts are truly the one ring to rule them all. So here's to you little round halo of happiness - thanks for making my day!  


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personal interest

The latest camera was made available for order at 12:00 AM. At 12:01 AM my order confirmation email arrived in my inbox. With overnight shipping, the next morning I found myself unboxing the newest member of my Canon family. When I am not shooting, I can be found online reading up on, researching and scouring reviews for the latest from Canon, Apple, or Nintendo. 


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Yes, I am a Twins fan. But I grew up in Iowa. The state that has zero professional teams. When my best friend started Little League and was drafted by the A's, our love of the Athletics began. It was the year they went to the World Series with stars like Rickey Henderson and Jose Canseco. Ever since, even after moving to Minnesota, half my heart belongs in California.

oakland a's

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5 Facts about


slight obsession with

I am totally the person that sorts, alphabetizes, & organizes almost every part of my life. When it comes to our business, I LOVE all of the details!!! While I am editing photos I have been known to get lost in the moment and we joke that if the house was burning down, I would stay to do one last check to be sure the photos were sorted & consistently edited to perfection!


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Insatiable craving for

My heart craves to explore beautiful places. The smell of the ocean air literally brings me to tears, and if I can combine the beach with a backdrop of mountains (hello, West Coast!) I'm in heaven!  Any place with an epic cityscape, a lush tropical vibe, or with European charm is my favorite! Favs so far: New York City, Oregon, SW Florida, the Caribbean, & Spain.


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Perfecting the art of

And by shopping I mean hunting for a great deal! I could spend all day strolling the aisles of Target in search of the perfect thing on sale that I had no idea I needed! It's a good thing Dave Ramsey is my hero!  My latest obsession is finding deals on flights. There is nothing better than whisking away to someplace warm knowing you paid pennies to experience paradise! 


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usually indulging in

Chai is basically my coffee and when paired with the cozy atmosphere of a cute coffee shop (atmosphere is everything) it's my idea of perfection! As a side to chai, my favorites are cake with ALL the frosting or anything that combines chocolate with mint.  Anytime I get to enjoy a cup over a one-on-one conversation with my hubby or a close friend I am in introverted heaven!

chai lattes

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grateful to be

Although running our business is a passion of mine, and I love what I do, it pales in comparison with my favorite people on earth! Shane and our kiddos have stolen my heart. I had no idea what God had in store for us the day I said “I Do” but I love finding joy in the journey as we do life together!  I have learned so much over the years and am incredibly grateful for family!

wife & mom

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