examples of topics include

Customizing your Canon Camera
Situational lens selection
Off-camera flash
Nailing focus
Choosing locations
Correct color in camera
Composition for the best light


      efore growing my photography business into a full-time career, I spent 12 years as a professional educator, mentoring teachers, and leading hands-on technology trainings.  Combining my experience in education with my passion for photography has allowed me to connect with some incredible photographers from all over the U.S.  From helping them grow in their knowledge of the tech-side of the camera, to demonstrating how to nail each shot in-camera, to sharing advice on how to grow their business, mentoring fellow photographers has become one of my greatest passions!



My personal favorite!  After e-mailing me the top areas you are hoping to develop, we will meet for hands-on training in Forest Lake, Minnesota (May through December) or in Cape Coral, Florida (January through April).  I will teach you techniques and give you time to practice. I cover as many topics as possible so you can walk away with confidence in your shooting!  You can even bring along a model if you'd like to use your images!  


meet for coffee


Let's grab coffee and chat about cameras! Looking for a personalized lesson on setting up your new camera? Need advice on your business? Want to learn strategies that helped us book over 40 weddings a year? Let's grab coffee at Starbucks in Forest Lake, Minnesota (May through December) or in Cape Coral, Florida (January through April). Bring a list of questions and I will share all I've learned!




zoom call

$100/30 mins

Live out of state? Maybe meeting in person isn't an option for you. Not a problem!  FaceTime or Zoom calls are an easy way to get some quick, yet powerful advice that can set your business on a whole new course. After booking your call, e-mail me with a list of what you are hoping to learn, and we can "meet" virtually to go over your questions! 




"You can watch as many YouTube videos on photography as you want... but what it really comes down to is actual real-life, hands-on experience in the photography world. That is exactly why I decided to invest not only my money but also my time into a mentoring session with Shane. 

Shane has always been someone I’ve looked up to since day one because he’s not only an incredible photographer, but also just the most real, kind, and humble guy. He has such a passion for what he does and it definitely shows in everything he does. 

My mentoring session with Shane was more than I could have asked for. Before our session, he asked me specifically what I wanted to learn most during our session and what were some things I wanted some help with. He not only came prepared with so many notes he created of what he wanted to go over with me but he also did not waste a minute of our session. He truly was invested in me and that’s something that really makes someone stand out in my opinion. 

Shane went above and beyond during our session and I truly felt so comfortable and could ask him anything and wouldn’t feel bad or embarrassed for asking. He knows we all start somewhere and he definitely inspired me to keep chasing after my photography journey with my eyes focused on being the best I can be at what I do. 

Definitely, recommend a mentoring session with Shane. I learned so many things that have given me more confidence than I’ve ever had before. I walked away with so many amazing photography skills but more importantly a great friendship that will last a lifetime. BEST INVESTMENT EVER."  - Jordan

"Shane, thank you for the time you spent with me this morning. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it. Being able to talk through scenarios and analyze images you've taken really helped to visualize how I can put things into practice. Don't be surprised if your page views go up on your wedding blogs LOL - I'll be analyzing images in my free time haha! I also really appreciated you helping me take a deeper look at the speed lights I have and how we can set them up similarly to the ways you use them. I'll definitely be doing some practice at home and at my upcoming weddings this summer."  - Amber

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If you are interested in booking a mentor session, please fill out our contact form.  I am available for sessions Monday-Thursday, and we will coordinate with your schedule to book and confirm your list of topics.  Payment is due on the day of your session.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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