February 28, 2019

The Refuge Golf Club | Winter Wedding

Every single thing about Emma & Aaron’s winter wedding at the Refuge Golf Club was truly beautiful.  From the smallest detail, to the big, emotional moments, everything was simply perfect!

Every once in a while, we get to become lost in a moment and this is what Shane had to share after watching Emma’s father see his beautiful daughter all dressed up in her wedding gown:  “Rarely do get choked up on the wedding day because I am so focused on getting the shot. But the moment Emma did a first look with her father was one of the most serene moments that seemed to hang in time as he gazed on his daughter who had all in one moment grown up.  Almost in one day, she had left childhood and became a woman.  The day I held my own little girl for first the first time in the hospital changed me.  It changed how I watch every first look, and how I watch every groom treat his bride.  It changed how I treat my own bride.  All grooms have been given a precious gift, and the heart of a father deeply desires for his little girl to be cherished and loved.  It was such an honor to watch Aaron adore his bride all day long!”

This.  This is why we love doing what we do!  Capturing beautiful, timeless, emotional moments and having the privilege of sharing them with our couples is such a gift to us!  There were ENDLESS sweet moments on this day!  The love and bond of a sister, the excitement of friends and family, and the moment Aaron’s eyes locked on Emma’s for the first time.  PURE. JOY!!!  Aaron whisked his bride up, spun her around, and her laughter was contagious from that moment on!  It an unforgettable day!