May 28, 2019

Ham Lake | Spring Engagement

Spring blooms are our favorite – we can’t get enough of them!  We get so excited every spring when the last snow melts and the greens begin to appear.  It is usually around mid-May that the flowers begin to arrive and we jump headfirst into our busy season!  When Emily asked to book two engagement sessions, one in the winter and one in the spring, we were so excited!  We had the best time during their winter session in Taylors Falls and couldn’t wait to hang out again!  We love it when couples book their engagement sessions in a different season than the season of their wedding day.  Emily and Preston have a fall wedding planned at Dixon’s Apple Orchard in Wisconsin and we love that they will have the variety of fall wedding photos as well as both winter and spring engagement photos!

Their spring session was MUCH warmer than their winter session and the light on this evening was absolutely perfect!  We started the session out at one of our favorite spots – amidst the pink blossoming trees and the purple and green spotted hillside along the lake.  We absolutely loved Emily’s dress and the way it worked with the texture of the background.  We found some epic trees throughout the area and we are totally in love with the way Emily’s floral top worked with the white flowering tree!  These two were all smiles throughout the entire evening and we had a blast talking and laughing together!  We moved from our first location to our second and brought in the dogs for a few shots.  They were hilarious!  We love the way their personalities show through the photos – they seemed to be enjoying the session as much as Emily and Preston did!  We can’t wait to hang out again next fall!