February 5, 2019

Taylors Falls | Winter Engagement

We can’t get enough of Taylors Falls!  It is one of our favorite engagement session locations for so many reasons!  For adventurous couples who love exploring the great outdoors, Taylors Falls is the perfect setting in any season!  We knew that Emily and Preston were going to be traveling from Wisconsin and we were watching the weather before their session carefully.  When we had four days of record low-temperatures (MINUS 30 degrees), we could hardly believe our eyes when the forecast for Saturday said 38 degrees ABOVE zero!  We were thrilled!!!  (In Minnesota, we celebrate temperatures like that in the winter…sad, I know.)  Saturday finally arrived and the session was seriously amazing topped off with a fresh coat of snow making it absolutely beautiful!

Oftentimes couples ask what we do about rescheduling engagement sessions due to weather.  Had this day been below zero, we would have certainly rescheduled!  Our schedules do fill quickly but we always keep back-up days locked in for bad weather as we want our couples to have the best possible light and temperatures for their session!  Surprisingly, cold days, cloudy days, and even days with a mist of rain here and there actually work great for sessions so we usually wait to make the call to reschedule until we know that it will be pouring rain or if the temperature will be too uncomfortable at the time of the session.

Couples also ask about bringing pets along to their sessions.  Whenever a couple wants to bring their dog (or dogs) to their session, we ask that they bring along a friend or family member to take care of the dog when he/she is not being featured in the photos.  They can be a lot of fun to incorporate and Emily and Preston’s dogs did such a great job – especially with the ring shot!  We were just relieved that the ring didn’t tumble off the nose and into the snow. 😉  Success!!!

Shane had the best time with Emily and Preston and can’t wait for their wedding!