December 11, 2018

Andover | Winter Portrait Session

These two are incredible.  Seriously, you would think that they spend every moment together laughing and hanging out as best friends – like all siblings do…right?!?  😉  I’m sure that they have their real-life moments, but this brother/sister duo was seriously the sweetest thing!  They were so easy to photograph and their beautiful smiles and sweet personalities shined the entire session!

Capturing true personality is what drives us.  We strive to ensure each and every photo we deliver is not only captured in beautiful light with breathtaking backdrops, but is also composed to bring your eye to the feature of the photo: the PEOPLE.  The RELATIONSHIPS!  Our ultimate goal is to capture YOU!  Who you really are!  Interacting with each other in real, honest, and emotion-filled moments.  Hearing feedback from the people we photograph is one of our favorite things.  We often hear things like “My son never wanted to be photographed.  You really opened him up and we were amazed to see him loving the session!  His smiles were genuine and his laughter was so him.  Thank you for capturing this season of his life for us.  It is a gift we will cherish for years to come.”  and: “We are always shocked that you are able to capture so many sweet smiles out of so many young kids!  Every. single. time!”…  We really do work with the BEST families in the world! 🙂

Another thing we love is when our clients share what they have done with their photos!  When Denise ordered a large three panel canvas of a photo from this session the company asked to share it on their social page!  We LOVE seeing our work featured online and it is always such a joy to see photos of our family’s portraits printed and up on the walls of their homes!