February 27, 2018

Cannon Beach, Oregon | Adventures

The Pacific Northwest has stollen our heart.  We have completely fallen in love with the scenery, the ocean + mountain views, and the tastes and sounds of it all!  We kicked off our morning with a little coffee art at the Commons Cafe – seriously the cutest bakery and breakfast place ever, and then hit the road!  Roadtripping along the coast is the best – especially with close family/friends!  When we finally arrived at Cannon Beach in Oregon we were more than ready to explore!  Stepping out of the vehicle and smelling that first gust of salt-air literally brought tears to Anna’s eyes.  Her love for the ocean began at a young age and every time we go it never gets old!  Shane’s brother and his wife knew of a secret waterfall and when we reached Hug Point we fell in love!  First of all, how romantic is the name Hug Point?!?  Second, a waterfall surrounded by rock cliffs and flowing directly into the ocean?!?  We wanted to stop right there and get married all over again!  Elopement spot anyone!?!

After we had sufficiently photographed every square inch of Hug Point, we headed back to Cannon Beach to explore among the tide pools at the base.  Anna’s bucket-list for the trip included finding and holding a live starfish.  Little did we know, this wasn’t going to be an easy task!  Apparently the tiny suction cups on starfish are EXTREMELY strong and we tried all afternoon to pry them off the rocks.  Finally, just before sunset, like out of a movie, a sweet little girl came out of nowhere wandering down the beach with a starfish in her hands.  She handed it to Anna and our jaws about dropped we could hardly believe it!  We took some photos with the starfish and handed it back to her and she skipped off back down the beach.  It was a little miracle that topped off the perfect day on the Oregon coast!