February 22, 2018

Hansen Tree Farm | Winter Engagement

When your wedding is scheduled for July 7th, why not schedule a snowy engagement session to capture the best of both worlds!?!  Diane and Evan literally had the perfect snowy day for their session.  Even though Minnesota is cold for months on end during our winter season, there really is no guarantee of beautiful snow covered forests.  When we arrived at Hansen Tree Farm, it was like walking into a winter wonderland!  Seriously, epic!  We get a lot of questions about cold weather sessions – will we look like we are freezing?  Will we stay warm enough throughout the entire hour outside?  Will it be miserable?  Judging by these two’s genuine smiles and contagious laughter, I think it’s safe to say that the only thing you really notice on a winter engagement session is how much fun it is to snuggle up and stay warm with your honey!

We do, however, recommend a few things to ensure your winter engagement or portrait session is a success!  First of all, the camera hides the temperature.  We shoot in every temperature and have even done a few wedding day portraits in 20 below weather!  The key is to dress in layers, have a warm place to warm up in between outfit changes and locations, and to bring a blanket!  Not only can a blanket be incorporated into your session as a great prop that pulls in the colors of your outfits, but it can also serve as the perfect place to hide those goosebumps!  We always move quickly through the session so you are really not standing in one place for very long.  The camera only captures a small window into the backdrop and so bags or coats that you don’t want photographed are easily hidden or cropped out of a photo.

Don’t let the Minnesota temperatures push you away from an epic photo session!  You may just be surprised to find yourself in a real-live snowglobe-like snowfall!