July 2, 2020

Taylors Falls, MN | Summer Engagement

Meeting fellow college sweethearts is the best and hearing Liz and Richard’s sweet love story has been so much fun!  How does a Minnesota girl meet a California boy?  In the sunny state of Arizona, of course!  Liz and Richard met in math class at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  What started off as a friendship, quickly grew to study partners, and then moved into dating.  Countless hours spent studying, attending sporting events, and traveling to visit their hometowns together was the perfect way to fall in love!

Upon graduation, Liz returned to Minnesota and Richard set off for Washington; thus, their long distance relationship began.  They traveled together whenever they could and enjoyed connecting with family and friends on the weekends.  A few years later, Richard made the big move to Minnesota and while moving into their Minneapolis apartment, Richard stood amidst the boxes and got down on one knee to seal the deal! Liz, of course, said Yes!

Love stories are our favorite stories and we could not be more excited for these two as they enjoy this season as fiancés!  What better way to celebrate an engagement than to explore the beautiful Taylors Falls and soak up all that summer has to offer in Minnesota!  Richard and Liz are such a beautiful couple and were incredibly sweet to work with!  We absolutely adored their outfits and loved the way their colors paired with the scenic surroundings.  There is just something about navy and pastel pink that has us swooning, and the way that Liz’s gorgeous blonde curls glowed in the evening light was simply breathtaking!  Their session was amazing and the evening light was perfect! We can not wait for their big day next summer at the beautiful Calhoun Beach Club!  We know their wedding will be absolutely perfect!