April 11, 2019

Orlando, Florida | Adventures

For spring break this year we went to Orlando, Florida!  No, we did not visit Disney World…but we did get a small taste of it at Disney Springs!  One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to find ALL. THE. DEALS!  We knew Orlando was in the books so we started to research how to find the best deals online.  While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually GREAT times to score discounted airfare, theme park tickets, and even rental car deals, we weren’t thrilled about the deals we found this year.  The deal SeaWorld offered was decent but it expired in February and with our trip being in March, we decided to hold off and keep watching the deals.  So we subscribed to their e-mail list.

Side note: we actually maintain 3 separate e-mail addresses – one for our business, one for our personal contacts like friends, family, etc. and the third e-mail we use any time we are online or are out and about and are asked “and what’s a good e-mail address for you?!?”  It saves SO much time and keeps us organized so that we are able to answer e-mails from actual people right away but don’t need to sort through the latest promo deals from all of our favorite places to shop…

Anyway, so on a random Wednesday in January we got an e-mail of a BOGO FREE deal and as quick as we could, we booked tickets to SeaWorld and were on our way!  We stayed at the beautiful Terra Verde Resort and booked through one of our favorites: Airbnb – another GREAT way to find incredible deals!

As much as we loved Orlando, we knew we needed a little taste of the ocean so we made the drive to Daytona Beach, FL and enjoyed parking in the sand on the “World’s Most Famous Beach” before heading home.