April 9, 2019

FAQ, After Your Session | Photography

Do you edit all of the photos that you deliver?

Absolutely!  They will all be edited in both color and black & white.  We are unique in that we edit each and every photo that we deliver – not just a select few for an album or portfolio.  We use an editing software called Lightroom that allows us to edit hundreds of photos at a time.  We go photo by photo and invest time adjusting color, exposure, cropping, and some spot removal to ensure each photo is stunning and print-worthy.  Our editing style is typically full color, bright, sharp, and beautiful!  For black and white photos we love contrast and a smooth feel.  We are both pretty perfectionistic when it comes to the product we deliver!

How can I view my pictures after the photo session?

I provide a private, password protected, online gallery of all of your photos that you are free to share with family and friends!  You, or anyone you give access to, can log in at any time to view the images, order professional prints from my site, or download them to your computer to print them anywhere you choose!

How quickly do you deliver the photos?

We strive to deliver our images as quickly as possible so that you are able to share them right away!  We deliver wedding photos within 2 to 6 weeks following the event.  Typically, family sessions and senior portrait sessions are delivered within 1 to 2 weeks following the session.

Do you give clients the rights to the photos?

Absolutely! We provide high resolution images that are free from watermarks or logos.  You will have rights for personal use such as printing the photos or sharing them online!

Can I order prints through you?

Yes!  Prints can easily be ordered directly through your online gallery!  We use the highest quality printer available and are always thrilled to see the beautiful products that our clients order!