December 18, 2018

The Outpost Center | Winter Engagement

The Outpost Center is stunning in any season, and with a fresh coat of snow, it is absolutely breathtaking!  When Meredith and Paul asked if they could do their engagement session at their wedding venue we were all for it!  It was a gorgeous December day, and despite the cold, these two stayed cozy through the entire session and we had a blast!  Meredith’s laughter brought so much joy to this session!  We love it when couples feel connected and comfortable just being themselves in front of the camera!

These two literally ROCKED their snowy session!  Here are a few tips to prepare for your winter engagement session:

  1. Choose your location.  In natural settings, pine trees bring amazing texture and contrast with the white snow.  Grassy fields coated with snow create an amazing winter-wonderland for photos!  In urban settings, the city lights twinkling amidst falling snow is incredibly romantic and brick backdrops work really well in any weather (sunny, cloudy, snowing, etc.).
  2. Schedule your session either in the morning (sunrise could work if it’s not too cold) or in the evening (and by evening, we mean before the sun sets around 4:00/5:00 pm).  We may need to plan around your work schedule for the earlier start but if we catch a dreamy winter golden-hour it will totally be worth it!
  3. Dress in layers.  Wear fleece-lined tights under your pants, layer cozy knits, like a sweater or a cowl scarf, a cute winter coat, and a fuzzy pair of mittens or gloves.  You can even keep hand-warmers hidden inside your mittens (it can be our little secret).
  4. Plan on taking a few breaks inside to warm up, change an outfit, or freshen up your makeup.  For snowy or very cold days, we recommend completing formal or close-up portraits at the beginning of the session.  Your makeup will be fresh and noses and cheeks won’t be quite so red.
  5. Incorporate props like coffee or hot cocoa.  Not only is this a great way to warm up, it can make for cute “ring” shots too!  We also love when couples bring their own blankets – it brings in an extra layer of color and texture and also keeps couples warm both during and in between shots!