October 9, 2018

New Brighton | Fall Family Portrait Session

The Andersons are one of our favorite families in the entire world!  Shane and Paul go way back and it’s safe to say that when Shane put Paul’s “World’s Best Boss” mug in a jello mold and Paul found it in his office, we knew he really was one of Shane’s World’s Best Bosses!  We had the pleasure of meeting Paul’s wife a few years later and she is an absolute gem!  This couple and their heart for kids is absolutely beautiful!  Their service through their careers as well as the way they have raised their incredible children is so inspiring and we can’t sing their praises enough!

When Paul asked if Shane would do a photoshoot for his family, we were quick to get something on the calendar!  With our schedules filling faster than ever, we have an extremely limited number of family portrait sessions on our calendar each year.  We have been so sad to need to refer families out but know of some incredible family and portrait photographers who are our friends and do incredible work!  When we found an opening that worked with their schedules and lined it up with golden-hour sunlight, we hit the jackpot!  The light that evening was stunning and the session couldn’t have gone any better!

Our advice to families getting ready for portrait sessions is this: Prep your outfits well in advance!  The Anderson’s outfits were perfectly coordinated with neutrals and subtle pops of warm color that tied everything together!  Prepping outfits ahead of time allows you to lay everything out in advance and see the way it coordinates.  If a piece is drawing all of the attention away from the other outfits, you can make adjustments as needed!  You will also have time to iron out any wrinkles, dust off the shoes, and find a few accessories that accent the whole look!  Prepping ahead of time will save you LOADS of stress the day of your session and you will feel confident and prepared when you arrive – ready to go and ENJOY the experience!