September 1, 2018

Columbus | Fall Family Portrait Session

It is such a privilege to be able to photograph families that we have gotten to know over the years!  This family is one of the sweetest you will ever meet!  We always look forward to seeing what their outfits will be and this year’s was one of our favorites!  Matching pink skirts for four sweet little girls is about as cute as it gets, and when you throw in a field full of flowers, it’s magic!

We had searched for a while for the perfect field of clovers and hit the jackpot in Columbus, just minutes from our home!  When golden hour hit, we were ready and completely fell in love with these little ladies all over again with their sweet smiles and personality shining through!  Speaking of personality, we LOVED the girl’s second outfits and the variety they each brought!  We know how unique each child is and even with the same parents, and the same upbringing, it is more often than not that parents tell us that each of their kids are “SO different” from each other!  Sparkly boots, sundresses, and blue jeans with kitties on the knees were the perfect nod to each of the girl’s unique personality!

One of the best gifts of parenting (and perhaps one of the greatest challenges) is getting to get to know each child as they grow!  You really never know what you are going to get, and like opening up a gift, each child brings their own strengths and challenges that seem to stretch us as parents as we learn and relearn how to approach each challenge and encourage each gifting!  It has truly been an honor to watch this family grow along with our own!  We are so thankful we don’t need to do life or parenting alone!