August 30, 2018

Colorado | Destination Wedding

Colorado.  The sunshine state.  Words can’t express how beautiful this wedding was and Colorado was the perfect setting for this amazing, joy-filled couple to tie the knot!  When Scott first reached out to ask if we would travel to Colorado to photograph he and his beautiful fiance, Jenny’s wedding, we were THRILLED!  First of all, this couple is AMAZING!  They are sweet, kind, and filled with a passion for life!  Second, Colorado is one of our favorite places on earth!  The mountain air, the endless summer feel, the beauty of the great outdoors, there really aren’t many places more perfect for a warm, summer wedding!

After arriving in Colorado and realizing that there was rain in the forecast, we prayed for some sunshine for at least part of the day!  The rain held off for our portraits and we were thrilled to be able to use the florals throughout the beautiful grounds of Brookside Gardens.  The morning was beautiful, filled with sweet moments of tears, laughter, and prayer as the ladies surrounded Jenny just before she met her groom for the first time.  The anticipation of the first look as Jenny walked down the stairs to meet Scott was unbelievable and the tears that came in those first moments were incredibly sweet.

The love and support this couple has within their wedding party of friends and family is amazing.  As the clouds rolled in and rain began to pour, umbrellas came out and yet everyone continued to smile!  As each couple processed down the aisle, determined to enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony, anticipation grew for the bride to appear.  Jenny’s smile was radiant as she approached her groom and the rain came to an end as soon as she reached the place where her father would give her away.  The night was truly a night to remember and we are beyond grateful to Scott and Jenny for allowing us to capture their day!