August 15, 2018

It’s Our Wedding Anniversary!

It’s our wedding anniversary!!!  We are beyond excited to be celebrating yet another year of being married to our best friend, business partner, and co-adventurer!  Since being married, almost all of our anniversaries have been spent either attending weddings, shooting weddings, or celebrating with family on vacations.  This year, we are up north doing a bit of what we love – shooting, editing/e-mailing, and enjoying the great-outdoors of the north-woods together!

Anna grew up in northern Minnesota and Shane was an Iowa boy.  When Shane first started visiting Anna’s hometown he could not get enough of all the pine trees!  He would always suggest taking photos with the pines to which Anna would sigh thinking “what’s the big deal?!?”  When you grow up amidst the lakes and pine trees you don’t know what you should be appreciating! 😉

Since being married, we have learned so much about each other!  When we met, we had no idea just how DIFFERENT we were from each other!  And different has been SUCH a great thing!  Shane loves doing all of the things that stress Anna out and Anna adores the details that tend to bore Shane.  Win-win!  We’ve learned to really love and appreciate each other’s differences and see them as strengths for our marriage!

If we were to give advice to any of our couples getting married or who have been married for years it would be this: Throughout the years, continually ask yourself, “What is it like being married to me?”  Meaning, how can I be the best version of myself to be a blessing to my spouse!?  How can I out-serve the other person?  How can I strive to love him/her more and better despite, or because of our differences?!?  If we can practice this, take it from us, marriage just keeps getting BETTER as the years go by!