July 5, 2018

Loring Social | Summer Engagement

Minneapolis has a secret.  A location with a European feel and yet unbelievably close to home!  We can’t get enough of this location!  The cobblestone streets and boxes of florals juxtaposed with the brick backdrops of the city are a photographer’s dream!  With a park within walking distance, it is one of our favorite locations that combines both nature and city within one place!  Loring Social is also one of our favorite wedding venues and when we aren’t shooting weddings there we are strolling through its alleyways to grab some epic shots of engaged couples who love the city as much as we do!

First of all, Lexi and Michael are the cutest.  Seriously, this stunning couple absolutely ROCKED this session!  They are so chill – completely comfortable and casual with the camera and an absolute blast to work with!  Lexi’s mom and sister came along to the session to help with outfit changes and provide some moral support.  Michael handled all of the ladies “ooohs and awws” like a champ and was such a great sport throughout the entire session!  Usually the guy is the one who is a bit less excited about taking photos but almost always the one surprised at how quickly the hour goes!  Most grooms-to-be remark on how comfortable they feel throughout the experience and how much easier it was than they had originally anticipated!  We always encourage couples to talk through expectations about the engagement session process beforehand and sharing with us any questions or concerns they might have!  We love being able to surprise them after the session with how much fun it really is to hang out and take photos together!  It is the number one reason we recommend an engagement session before the big day!  Practicing posing for portraits will make the wedding day photos a breeze!