June 12, 2018

Ham Lake | Summer Family Portrait Session

Family.  There really is no greater gift than friends who you consider family.  This family completely has our hearts.  We have had the privilege of watching this family grow from having two, to three, four, and now five beautiful children!  We could tell you countless stories of the ways that this family has impacted us.  We have walked through celebrating life, grieving death, and walking the day-t0-day challenges of parenting alongside this family.  They were there for us through moves, remodels, births of babies, and changes in careers.  They have seen the good and the bad of life with us and we are beyond thankful to do life alongside them!

We love this family and this session was SO much fun!  Even though these kids know us well, whenever we photograph children, we always spend a little time getting down to the level of the kids to introduce who we are and to let them get used to the camera.  We are SO not above being goofy, silly, and sometimes ridiculous when it comes to pulling out a genuine smile or laugh from the kids!  This usually results in some great smiles from mom and dad too as they watch us make fools out of ourselves to create the mood!

Another thing we love doing is capturing all of the little details of what makes each family’s life-stage unique.  Tiny little feet in adorable little shoes.  Sweet snuggles between a mom and her toddlers who will soon grow too tall to hold.  The giggles of little girls as their dad tosses them up in the air.  These years FLY by.  Being able to capture them as they are is so important to us!  We will never again be able to have our children in the age that they are today.  We are privileged to be able to freeze time in photos and to be able to gift that to so many parents who we know will treasure them for a lifetime!