April 5, 2018

A Bit About Us

As a married couple in business together, we often get asked “What is it like running a business with your spouse?”  Operating a business can be a challenge no matter WHO it is you are working with, but if you asked us honestly, we would have to say that we LOVE it!  There is no other person we would rather spend more time with, and there is nobody else who knows without even asking what it is that the other needs for support!  One of the things that makes us unique is that we do not BOTH shoot.  Anna does assist Shane at some of his weddings, however, for the most part it is Anna who is behind the computer screen either working hard on the images that Shane brings home or answering e-mails and scheduling sessions.  She LOVES this!  It’s what makes her heart soar!

Shane is the man behind the camera.  It is his gifting, his passion, and it is what he cannot wait to do every chance he gets!  He loves the challenge of shooting weddings and gets so excited to approach each session with the goal of making it his best work yet!  He also loves geeking out over Canon’s latest gear and can’t wait to see what they release next so that he can research, read up on, and try out all the latest cameras and lenses!

Here is a bit about Shane’s shooting style:

My style of photography could best be described as artistic photojournalism. I love to document your day by capturing true emotions while using an artistic perspective and unique composition to create a beautiful representation of each event, your relationships and personalities. I also take traditional posed photographs of each couple, wedding party, and family.

During a wedding day, I am constantly on the move taking as many photographs as I possibly can to capture each detail of your day.  Detail shots are important as they represent your unique style and are often a result of many months of planning!  For the bride, groom, and wedding party photos, I work with you to have fun and come up with creative poses that showcase your relationships best!  After the formal photos, it’s back to becoming part of the background of your day and capturing things from a distance while still being available to you if you have a specific shot request!

and here’s a little peek into Anna’s world:

We are unique in that we edit each and every photo that we deliver – not just a select few for an album or portfolio.  We use an editing software called Lightroom that allows us to edit hundreds of photos at a time.  We go photo by photo and invest time adjusting color, exposure, cropping, and some spot removal to ensure each photo is stunning and print-worthy.  So if you want to blow up an image of your table settings you can! 🙂  Our editing style is full color, bright, sharp, and beautiful!  For black and white photos we love contrast and a smooth feel.  We are both pretty perfectionistic when it comes to the product we deliver!

Thanks so much for following and supporting us – it means the world to us!