March 22, 2018

Miami, Florida | Adventures

How to experience Miami, Florida in just a few short days:

  1. Search Skyscanner or Kayak Explore for flight deals for a much-needed getaway!
  2. Score a great deal on airline tickets from American Airlines, or from any of our other favorite budget carriers: Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, or Sun Country Airlines.
  3. Fly from your home in the north to just shy of the southernmost tip of the U.S.
  4. Take the hotel shuttle from the airport to some of the best hotel deals in right on South Beach: The South Beach Group Hotels!
  5. Explore South Beach
  6. Grab some late-night dinner on Ocean Drive at Caffe Milano.  The outdoor seating is the best for people watching and the food is amazing!
  7. Hit up some shops on Collins Avenue on the walk back to the hotel.  One of Anna’s go-tos is H&M along with the obligatory Surf Style of course.


Day 2:

  1. Grab a bite to eat before seeing sunrise at the beach.  We missed out on this because A. we slept in like the true vacationers we are, and B. because it was raining.
  2. Stroll along South Beach and Ocean Drive and soak in all the iconic art deco your camera can handle.
  3. Walk the beach and take Collins Avenue to the Lincoln Road Farmers Market.
  4. Purchase a fruit cup (literally the best we’ve ever had) and stroll the streets and explore the shops of the Lincoln Road Mall.
  5. Grab brunch at Cantinetta and soak in the “summer” air in mid-January.
  6. Walk back to Miami Beach and spend some time strolling through the surf.  This gives incredible views of the ocean as well as the Art Deco Hotels along the beach.
  7. Grab dinner before heading out to take a few photos with the iconic Miami skyline.


Day 3:

  1. Take a 45 minute bus ride to go explore the Everglades!
  2. Arrive at Everglades Holiday Park for an airboat tour.
  3. See some gators at a live gator show.
  4. Take the bus back to MIA (about 40 minutes).
  5. Eat at Shane’s go-to travel spot: Dunkin Donuts before heading home.