May 17, 2024

St. Paul, MN | Spring Engagement

Engagement sessions are in full swing and we couldn’t be happier to be out and about documenting this gorgeous spring season in the city!  We are incredibly grateful for the warm weather, bright blossoms, and blue skies and were so excited to meet Kat and Will in St. Paul for their session.  Their love story first began in this area where they had spent countless hours walking along Summit Avenue and the Mississippi River.  We met at their first home on another breathtaking spring evening and strolled the sidewalks together pausing for portraits with the stunning florals along the way.

We love the way the flowers and greens seemed to pop in the soft golden hour light, and Kat and Will both looked amazing with their bold colors that coordinated perfectly with the setting.  Kat’s jewelry was gorgeous, and we learned that her necklace was her mother’s, her rings were her grandmothers’, and her bracelet was her great-grandmother’s!  Incorporating pieces of our couples’ stories into their engagement sessions is always so meaningful, and it has been so much fun getting to know these two!

We finished out their session by the Soldiers and Sailors Monument near St. Thomas, before heading to the river’s edge for a few photos with a view of the Marshall Avenue Bridge and a bit of the Minneapolis skyline.  The setting could not have been a more romantic place to soak in the beauty of the season, and we can’t wait to capture more beautiful images on Kat and Will’s wedding day!  These two will host their family and friends at the Howling Moon Weddings & Events in Buffalo, and we know their day will be incredible surrounded by rich colors, rolling hills, and epic views at every turn.  We can’t wait to celebrate with them this fall!