March 13, 2023

Seagate Beach | Portrait Session

It’s no secret that we are all about capturing life’s most exciting moments.  Documenting milestones and memories is truly one of our greatest joys!  When it comes to photographing surprises, we become all the more giddy knowing that our couples and families will cherish these images for a lifetime to come!  When Mike reached out to book a portrait session during his trip to Naples, he had a few surprises in store for Hannah.  He told her that he had booked a sunset session on the beach to document the sweet season of expecting their twins, and we were beyond excited as we anticipated the full story to unfold.

We met on an absolutely breathtaking evening at one of our favorite places – Seagate Beach.  We began the session surrounded by palm trees and flowers, and had the best time getting to know these two!  They had travelled to Southwest Florida from Buffalo, New York, and were looking forward to enjoying some time together in the sunshine state.  As we walked out onto the sand, Mike prepared to get down on one knee the moment they were beside the rocks by the water’s edge.  Hannah was absolutely glowing, and looked stunning as she posed, not knowing what was to come.  She turned around to see Mike’s smiling face as he asked her to marry him, and her gorgeous smile radiated pure joy as she responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  

The two were all-smiles as we continued their session, and they happily strolled hand-in-hand along the shore.  Golden-hour could not have been more magical as we chatted about their plans to celebrate that night, including dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Campiello in Naples.  We hope that it was amazing, and wish them all the very best in their many adventures ahead!