March 25, 2022

Sanibel, Florida | Sunrise Family Portrait Session

Sanibel Island, Florida is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches and incredible resorts.  Families travel from all over the world to vacation on the island, both to explore its natural beauty, as well as to enjoy a bit of shopping and dining.  Several of our favorite shops and restaurants sit along the island’s main road, Periwinkle Way; and along the coastline sits a number of absolutely gorgeous homes and resorts.  Lauren’s family had travelled to stay at the beautiful Sundial Beach Resort and Spa.  The resort is just minutes from Lighthouse Beach Park, one of our favorite places for sunrise family portrait sessions!

We were really looking forward to connecting with Lauren and her family!  From the moment she reached out to book her session, she was so kind, and we were so honored that she was so excited for her session!  We met just before the sun began to rise, and headed out to the shoreline to soak up the morning’s soft pink light.  Lauren and her husband have the most precious baby girl whose smiles were melting hearts as she took in all of the sights and sounds!  Even at 10 months old, there is something about the beach that is simply mesmerizing; and it was so much fun to capture this beautiful family as they enjoyed their time together! 

We walked along the sand and then headed to the nature trails that lead to the historic lighthouse. It’s amazing to think of how many people have visited this lighthouse over the past 130 years, as well as how many times it has appeared in visitors’ photos.  We love its white buildings and the backdrops they provide for our portrait sessions, and hope to continue serving couples and families on this island for many years to come!