March 12, 2022

Fort Myers Beach | Sunrise Family Portrait Session

The sun had just begun to appear over the horizon of Fort Myers Beach, Florida when we arrived for Alyssa’s sunrise family portrait session.  It was going to be yet another breathtaking day in paradise, and we could not wait to document this sweet family’s session at Bowditch Point Park.  The sunshine created a beautiful pink glow over the resorts along the beach, and only a handful of people were out and about in the early morning hours, making this session a breeze to photograph!  We captured a few drone photos just before Alyssa and her family arrived, and soaked up every second of being able to do what we do in Southwest Florida!

Alyssa had been vacationing in Fort Myers Beach with her family since she was a young child; and was planning to surprise her parents with a family portrait session as a Christmas gift!  We were thrilled and love the idea of gifting a session – especially one that captures a tradition that now includes a new generation of beach-goers!  Alyssa and her husband have welcomed the cutest little boy and baby girl into their family, and Alyssa was so excited to spend time with them on the same beaches that she had visited as a young girl!

Seeing the beach through the eyes of a three year old is pretty magical in and of itself!  This adorable little boy ran through the sand, along the waters edge, and squealed with excitement as his daddy tossed him up into the air!  The joy in Alyssa’s parent’s eyes as they watched their daughter and her husband with their grandchildren enjoying the beach was simply priceless.  There is nothing sweeter than capturing grandparents with their grandkids! This family has such a beautiful love for each other that was truly an honor to document!