February 24, 2022

Naples Beach | Family Portrait Session

Naples, Florida’s stunning beaches are absolutely perfect for family portrait sessions!  As we continue to explore and discover new beaches, we find a seemingly endless variety in what each beach setting offers.  Some are more remote than others, with varying sizes and lengths of distance to get to the water’s edge.  We discovered Seagate Beach a year ago, and completely fell in love, and we could not wait to return this year!  Its gorgeous location, with lush, tropical landscaping along the short pathway to the beach, welcomes guests to enjoy a quiet and peaceful beach experience.  Rocks jut out into the water, providing an ideal textured backdrop for photos, and the beach is lined with palm trees and beautiful resorts.

We were beyond excited to connect with Katie and her family at Seagate Beach!  They had travelled down from Iowa to soak up some warm weather and to introduce their boys to the beauty of the sunshine state for the first time.  These boys were so much fun and did such a great job for their session!  We started out among the palm trees and headed out to the beach as the sun began to set.  The evening was absolutely breathtaking, and the temperature was literally perfect!  Anyone vacationing from the upper mid-west would agree that upper 80s at sunset in February is just about as close to perfection as it gets!

The session came to a close, and as we began walking back we spotted a pod of dolphins splashing and playing in the waves.  One after another appeared at the surface and seemed to be enjoying the sunset as much as we did!  We can’t think of a better welcome to Florida than that, and we hope that this sweet family enjoys every last minute of their family vacation!