February 15, 2021

Marco Island, Florida | Adventures

Discovering Marco Island was one of the highlights of our time in Southwest Florida.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the beaches and capture their beauty with our drone!  Walking along the vast expanse of Tigertail Beach, and discovering seashells and sand dollars galore, was truly an amazing experience, and sunset at South Marco Beach was absolutely breathtaking!

Southwest Florida is an absolutely incredible destination, and one we are now thrilled to be able to call our “home away from home.”  Whether you are traveling for a vacation, or in the area for a wedding, engagement, or portrait session, we have discovered a few new favorites this year, and wanted to share them with you! 

Beaches we Visited: Tigertail Beach and South Marco Beach

Parking: There is an $8 per vehicle fee to visit both beaches and while there is plenty of parking at Tigertail Beach (over 230 spaces to be exact), there are only 70 parking spaces at South Marco Beach.  We visited Tigertail Beach during the day and found one of the last parking spaces available at South Marco Beach in the evening.

Walk to Beach: Tigertail’s beach is breathtaking and well worth the long walk to get to the waters’ edge.  We decided to hike over 7 miles along the beach and discovered countless varieties of shells and wildlife.  Walking to South Beach was around a block or so from the parking lot to the rock jetty at the southernmost tip.

Amenities: The beach area does have restrooms for a place to change for your photo session.

Whether you are visiting Florida on vacation, here for your destination wedding, engagement, or portrait session, or simply planning a day at the beach, we hope that these ideas are helpful as you plan your time in the beautiful sunshine state!