July 23, 2020

Wedding Send-Offs & Celebrations | Photography

We can’t think of anything more exciting than capturing the joy of couples who have just said “I Do”! Below are our top five favorite ways of celebrating and we hope they spark creativity for planning the perfect wedding send-off!

1. Bubbles. There is something so sweet and classic about bubbles floating through the air on a beautiful sunny day. Exiting through hundreds of cheering guests makes this a moment you will never forget!

2. Flower Petals! What could be more dreamy than floating petals!? These can be incorporated as you walk down the aisle or following your ceremony as an epic photo op. Petals can be real, however, some venues require faux petals to prevent stains.

3. Confetti. It’s time to celebrate! Using confetti poppers is a great way to involve your guests in showering you with love!

Even though confetti makes for an epic send-off for the newlyweds, it is also a blast to incorporate into your dance! Be sure to check with your venue on their policy for indoor confetti.

4. Champagne. Pop the cork and celebrate! These photos always capture the best reactions from the wedding party! Feel free to get creative! We once had a groomsman gift a sword to the groom solely for the purpose of slicing off the top of the champagne bottle.

5. Sparklers. Light up the night! It is incredibly romantic to be surrounded by your guests as you run through sparkling light and pause for a dip and kiss or two. We recommend purchasing the extra long sparklers so that you are able to run through your tunnel once, twice, maybe even three times to create some epic night photos! Our advice to couples in sparklers shots is to really soak in the moment. Remember the way you felt knowing you were now off to begin your adventure together as husband and wife!