September 18, 2019

Minneapolis | Fall Engagement

One of the first questions we ask our couples is how they met and fell in love.  We love getting to know them and hearing more about their stories!  Sukanya and Gene are such an incredible couple who met just after graduating from law school.  The two got to know each other, and quickly fell in love, later getting engaged in St. Paul, not too far from where their love story had first begun!  They love traveling, and as lawyers, spending long, romantic evenings reviewing documents together. 🙂 These two are seriously so much fun and their engagement session was filled with laughter as we explored downtown Minneapolis.  

Sukanya’s smile is absolutely gorgeous and as she looked at Gene she seemed to glow with joy!  These two are such a stunning couple and we loved their classy outfits.  We started out the evening with a bit of golden hour light that faded into a beautiful night.  There is something adventurous about being in the city at night.  The traffic lights, street lamps, and twinkling lights of the skyscrapers become a gorgeous, colorful glow.  We loved the way the skyline lit up behind the two of them as we strolled along the streets and headed down to finish their session on the Stone Arch Bridge.

We have loved working with Sukanya and Gene and can’t wait for their wedding next June!  Their big day will take place at one of our favorite venues: Camrose Hill Flower Farm in Stillwater.  The grounds are gorgeous with their rolling hills and flowers everywhere.  As the weather grows chillier and the greens begin to fade to yellow and orange, we are already excited for the warm sunshine and summer blooms at Camrose!  We can’t wait to celebrate with Sukanya and Gene along with their family and friends!