September 12, 2019

Minneapolis | Surprise Proposal

My heart was racing. I stood motionless hoping to go unnoticed by those strolling the streets of the Minneapolis North Loop. Camera in hand, and my eyes searching up and down the street, countless thoughts were running through my head. Should I hide across the street? There was a bush I could use for cover. However, the chances were high that a truck could cross in front of me right when Dan got down on a knee. I could hide around the corner of Aria. However, it might looks suspicious with a man in dark sunglasses peering around the corner. I finally decided to hide behind a small electrical power box just twenty feet from where Dan was going to propose to Allie. I glanced down at my phone to see what time it was. The text came in: “We are three blocks away.” I took a deep breath, double-checked all the settings on my camera, and settled in.

As they strolled along the street, Allie was completely in the moment holding the hand of her love. Dan was playing the part perfectly; not giving off any signals, but eyes scanning looking for the exact spot we had decided he should be. I began snapping away as our plan unfolded perfectly. Dan paused, looked into Allie’s eyes and began to share his heart. I could tell his words were deeply heartfelt by the expression on her face. He then got down on one knee and asked her be his wife! Her hand fell over her mouth. Shock. Joy. Bliss. Love. That moment was one I know they will never forget and capturing it left me so full of adrenaline and joy I didn’t sleep that night!  We are beyond excited for them as they celebrate life as fiancés!  Congratulations Dan & Allie!