August 15, 2019

Get to Know Us | Photography

On your wedding day, your photographer will spend the entire day with you!  We believe it is important that you feel as comfortable with them as you do your friends & family! Let’s get to know each other!  Here’s a little bit about us:
Him: Creative & Steady
Her: Detailed & Organized
Him: Snickers
Her: Swedish Fish
Him: Action/Adventure
Her: Romantic Comedy
Him: Peppermint Mochas
Her: Chai Lattes
Us: Movie nights, campfires, exploring the city, traveling, taking photos, & spending time with family & friends

More on Shane (Photographer):

Photography is something I can’t get enough of. I have had the privilege of photographing weddings, seniors, and families for over nine years.  Now, having photographed over 200 weddings, I still get excited for every single session!  Over the last few years, I have focused more on specializing in delivering high quality, unique, & artistic wedding photography.  My personal style is to use a photojournalistic approach to creatively and artistically tell the story of your wedding day. Whatever the setting, I love to get you laughing, help you pose naturally, and enable you to be your true self in front of the camera.

When I’m not behind the camera, I love spending time with my wife.  Marriage is amazing and I’m more in love with Anna today than the day we said our vows. I think that is why I love wedding photography so much – it celebrates the beginning of something incredible. Beyond that, the most important thing is my faith in Jesus. Serving others is just one way I can honor Him.

Mor on Anna (Business Manager & Photo-Editor):

I absolutely love editing photos, e-mailing clients, and scheduling photo sessions!  I’m all about the details and my passion for organization, administration, and graphic design has made Shane and I a great team!  He takes the shots, I make them extra pretty, and I get to organize them to share your story on our blog!

When I am not at my computer screen, I am usually chasing after our kiddos.  They definitely keep us busy and bring a ton of joy to our lives!  I also love exploring the city and traveling with my amazingly talented husband – camera always in hand!  We try to document every moment – creating a time capsule of life as we know it and love sharing that with family and friends!  We are so grateful for their support and God’s provision through our photography business and have been so honored to watch it grow!