August 5, 2019

Blaine | Summer Family Portrait Session

There is something truly magical about seeing the love of a father for his daughters, and something so sweet about watching a mother/daughter friendship being formed from the tiniest of ages.  We will never forget the moment our daughter was born and the instant, overwhelming sense of love and protection that came over us.  Being able to photograph families with daughters and capturing the beauty of those relationships in the early years is a privilege.  In the same way, being able to photograph daughters as their fathers give them away in marriage is an honor that feels incredibly sacred.  It is not something we will ever take for granted.

We have had the privilege of capturing some of the sweetest families, and the Nagel family was amazing to work with!  Their sweet little girls, ages five, three, and nine months, were absolutely precious!  We were so excited when we could book their session on one of the most beautiful summer evenings yet!  They had hoped for a natural backdrop for their photos, and the field with its tall grass and tiny white flowers was the perfect setting for their pastel colors and pink ruffles and bows.  The girls did amazing and were all smiles for the camera!  They loved running and chasing through the field and were eager to help their littlest sister stand up for a few shots.  They picked flowers, explored together, and just enjoyed the summer day!

We were wrapping up the session when we noticed a visitor was cautiously approaching.  The girls were fascinated as they watched the deer gently glide through the tall grass and then bound off into the trees.  We are so thankful to be able to photograph families in such a beautiful setting so close to home.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect session!