June 28, 2019

Blaine | Senior Portrait Session

It’s summertime and things are in full swing for us as we soak up the sunshine of the season!  Summer is always a popular season for weddings so we love it when we get to sneak in a portrait session or two in the middle of the chaos!  Another perk to a summertime session is that the sun sets so late in the evening that it is easy to schedule sessions well after work hours.  For a truly golden glow, we try to schedule about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the sun actually sets.  We scheduled this session for 7:30 pm and ended up with the most beautiful evening of the week!

We first met Kaitlin when we did a portrait session for her family when she was only thirteen.  Time always seems to fly by faster than we can wrap our mind around it and when Kaitlin’s mom contacted us to see if we would be able to take Kaitlin’s senior portraits, we could hardly believe she was already heading into her senior year! 

She was just as sweet as ever as we met again for her session and her outfits were perfect for the location!  We started out by using the white backdrop of the bridge and moved from there to using the more natural backdrops of the pine trees and flowering fields.  There is just something about the texture of the tall grass at this time of year that creates such a magical setting for photos.  Kaitlin’s blues, yellows, and whites blended beautifully into the setting and the golden glow of the sunlight was the perfect compliment to her sweet smile.  Also.  Her glasses are our favorite.  Ever.

Senior Portrait sessions are such an exciting milestone to reach and we can’t express enough how much it means to us when families choose us to capture such an exciting time of life!