January 1, 2019

Hello 2019! Happy New Year!

It’s a New Year and we CAN’T WAIT for what is in store for this year!  So many exciting things and stories we can’t wait to share!  New Years are so exciting – they are an opportunity for a fresh start.  A time to set goals.  A time to become excited for new things!  Here are a few things we can’t wait to begin in 2019.

  • Updating our Business Plan and writing down our Goals
    • We do this annually.  Yes, it’s fun!  No, it doesn’t need to take hours.  We usually set aside one day or evening to pause, reflect on our business, talk about our plans, vision, and dreams, and then create some goals for the coming year!
    • We also use this time to review our roles, talk about what is working and what might be draining the life out of us, and discuss how we can lighten each other’s load.
    • Having a plan that is written down has helped us focus and create accountability for ourselves throughout the year.
  • Scheduling and Filling up our Calendar
    • Yes, this is probably Anna’s favorite part of every New Year.  It all began back in the college days when Anna would sit giddy in each of her classes on the first day just waiting for the all-important syllabus to be handed out.  The syllabus, for those who may not know, is “an academic document that communicates information about a specific course and defines expectations and responsibilities.”  Often people dread seeing ALL of the course’s work listed out in one document.  Not Anna.  She hurried to her room to divide up the assignments and spread them over her calendar to ensure she had enough time allotted for every assignment, reading, and task.  She would also evenly schedule some “margin” time so that she knew what each week would hold.  Fast forward to today.  Our calendar is filled for about a year and a half with weddings and editing time, blog schedules, and business meetings.  Thankfully we also have date nights each week or I think we might fall apart!
  • Connecting with each other and other creatives in the industry!
    • We have some amazing sessions and adventures up ahead and we can’t wait to share more with you!  For now, here are a few sneak-peek images of what’s to come…