September 13, 2018

Taylors Falls | Fall Engagement

When perfect light meets the perfect weather and the perfect couple finds the perfect setting, you find yourself living in a photographer’s dream.  There really are no words for how incredible this couple is, how amazing this place is, and how absolutely perfect the misty fog that rolled through Taylors Falls the morning we did this session was.  We know that shooting at sunrise involves a certain element of surprise.  We knew that the weather in the fall can be chilly and a bit unpredictable.  This morning was simply perfection!

Megan and Joseph had an early start to their morning to make it to Taylors Falls before sunrise!  It was well worth it when we began shooting in the morning fog.  The rush of the water below and the sweet and peaceful sounds of morning were the perfect setting for these two to be who they truly are – a beautiful, romantic, and giddy-in-love couple just enjoying being engaged!  The sweetness of their excitement to be getting married was so much fun and we chatted about their wedding plans as we moved along the rivers edge from shot to shot.  Megan’s soft, flowing green dress and Joseph’s burgundy sweater blended perfectly with the fall surroundings and Megan’s felt hat was the perfect touch!

As the sun began to rise a bit higher above the horizon, we switched into their second outfit and moved down along the water’s edge.  Their flannel blanket came in handy as the air blowing off the water was a bit chilly!  The texture in the rocks and trees and the cooler tones of their shirts created the perfect contrast and as the sun came through the forest, the colors of the leaves began to really shine!  We could not have had more fun together and didn’t want the morning to end!  Thankfully, we can pick right back up again at their upcoming wedding!