June 26, 2018

Bde Maka Ska | Summer Engagement

Photography Bucket List item “Rowboat Engagement Session” COMPLETE!  Everything about this session was seriously such a dream come true!  Chatting with Emily about her vision for her engagement session got us so excited and we really hoped the weather would cooperate.  You see, Emily and Cody were driving from Nebraska, over FIVE hours away for their session.  They had purchased a rowboat online and planned to pick it up on their way north.  Things were looking good and we hoped for clear skies as they made their way to Minneapolis’ Bde Maka Ska lake.  As things turned out, not only did we have clear skies but we had an epic sunset to top it off!  Golden hour + the lake + a beautiful couple in love made this evening absolutely perfect!

We started the evening out strolling along the lakeside.  Emily’s gorgeous blue floral dress fit the natural backdrop perfectly.  As the sun began to set we switched to her second outfit in red.  The golden rays of sun and the bold color of her dress were a perfect match!  We loved their accessories and jewelry and Cody’s watch – every detail was coordinated perfectly!  We walked along the beach and the docks taking in the summer evening with the sailboats along the lake.  They changed into their third outfit and it was time to break out the rowboat.  We loved the way Emily’s white lace top brought a subtle bridal vibe and Cody’s lavender shirt was perfect in the evening light.  Emily and Cody were complete naturals and photographing their chemistry was a photographer’s dream!  Working the lakeshore, and finally wading into the water, we captured magic!  This night was totally worth the drive you two and we can’t wait to capture your big day at the Grand 1858 Minneapolis Event Center this fall!