February 13, 2018

Ham Lake | Winter Engagement

It’s the season of love and Emily and Jake are the perfect couple!  They are sweet, kind, and giddy-in-love as they anticipate their upcoming wedding!  Being engaged is such a fun season!  The world around you seems to fade as you begin to make plans for the day you will say I Do!  Anticipating spending forever with the love-of-your-life is the best thing ever!

We love Emily and Jake’s story!  They met in their freshmen dorm during Welcome Week at Bethel University. Emily was playing card games with friends when Jake came in with some of his soccer teammates and changed the TV channel so they could watch a professional soccer game.  He then asked to join in on Emily’s card game. After the game, he asked for her number and the rest is history!  Seriously, how sweet is that!?

We have a special place in our hearts for college-sweethearts.  Having met in college ourselves, just across the lake from Bethel University, meeting college-sweethearts brings back so many sweet emotions!  The anticipation of a fresh start at a new school and pursuing your dreams.  Meeting new people who will become life-long friends and exploring what the future may hold.  Finding out that the one that was your love-at-first sight will eventually become your once-in-a-lifetime love story!  It really is one of the most exciting seasons of life!

We had the best time with Emily and Jake at their winter engagement session.  The snow was perfect and they stayed cozy and warm with their flannel blankets.  Time flew by!  We are so excited for them as they continue their wedding plans for their big day at the Blaisdell Mansion in Minneapolis.  We know their day will be perfect!