January 25, 2018

Dominican Republic | Adventures

The lush, tropical hills of the Dominican Republic took us by surprise!  We have been to our fair-share of islands and this one was by far unlike any other we had explored!  We decided this would be our “adventure” island and opted to do a little zip-lining instead of the usual beach experience.  If you know Anna, you know this is a BIG deal!  Shane is the risk-taker and thrill-lover of the two of us and we balance each other perfectly in this sense.  Shane takes all of the risks and Anna takes none.  We share that way!  So when Shane convinced Anna to try out the zip line it took some pep-talking allllll the way up the hill to get strapped in.

Shockingly, more so to Anna than Shane, it was a BLAST!  We ended up going several times throughout the day and Anna is now officially a risk-taker.  Well, at least until the next adventure presents itself…

Our day in the Dominican Republic was incredible.  We explored the island for a bit taking in all of the local flare with its market-like shops and steel-drum music.  We purchased a few things from the vendors and headed back to the pool area to soak in some sun and enjoy all that the island had to offer.  We met some people from our part of the country and chatted a bit about how incredible the weather was and how amazing it would be to live in a place that never sees snow.  We hiked the hills, took a ridiculous amount of photos, and ended the day lounging in a hammock near the bungalows.  Not a second went by where we did not feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  We do not take any of this time together for granted – it truly is a gift and we are unbelievably thankful!