January 16, 2018

Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos | Adventures

Every once-in-a while it’s good to get away!  Far, far away from the cold and snow and to the lush palm-tree lined beaches of the Caribbean!  This trip included a first for us: Turks and Caicos Islands!  We found that Grand Turk Island is absolutely gorgeous!  We had previously been to the Bahamas and this island reminded us a lot of Freeport, Bahamas.  Its white sandy beaches and its crisp, clear water is second to none in our book!  We wanted to get a head-start on exploring to beat the crowds so just after an early morning breakfast buffet, we packed up our swimsuits and hit the pier for some fun in the sun!

One of Anna’s favorite things to do whenever we explore new places is to get a general lay-of-the-land by walking to explore first.  This was new to Shane when we first began traveling together.  Shane’s first item on the agenda is to hit the pool before it becomes too crowded and relax the day away.  I’m not exactly sure where we are at today, but it seems as though we’ve settled on a happy-medium and we do a bit of exploring followed by straight-up relaxation time on the beach, and usually ending with Anna purchasing a few outrageously overpriced souvenirs.  This trip was no exception.  However, it wasn’t long after lounging in our beach chairs that Shane got the itch to try his hand at snorkeling!  A quick stop in a nearby shop to pick up a new snorkel and he hit the water!  The water was as clear as glass and the fish were everywhere!  Thankfully we own waterproof phones and were able to capture a few shots of them as they swam around us!

We loved Grand Turk and hope to be back again someday!